Indoor Air Quality in the Winter Months

You may wonder why your indoor air quality seems particularly bad in the winter. The colder months of the year tend to be the worst times for indoor air quality. The more people stay inside, the worse indoor air quality is. Here are some reasons why.

Doors and Windows Are Often Closed Most of the Time

In the winter, you will probably keep your doors and windows closed most of the time and even seal windows if they are poorly insulated. Doing this conserves heat but also traps all the airborne molecules, dust, and allergens.

Fireplace Smoke

Fireplaces in the winter are cozy and ideal for a comfortable home, but the smoke from a fireplace can get trapped in your home when you keep your windows and doors closed. This pollution can be harmful if not checked.


If you like to use a humidifier when it’s dry outside, you might be overdoing it and causing more harm than good. A humidifier can make your indoor air too humid, causing mold and mildew growth. Mold can end up being a health hazard for members of your household. Our team can help you find the right humidity level for your home so that you don’t risk lowering your indoor air quality.

Trapped VOCs

When it’s cold, all the volatile organic compounds (VOCS) are unable to leave your home if your windows and doors are shut. VOCs include hairspray, cooking fumes, spray deodorant, and more. In addition, whenever you use household cleaners to wipe down surfaces, you will be further polluting your indoor air. All these chemicals are harmful to breathe in and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

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