Mold spores are common in any place. Organic matter in the building, including wallpaper, carpets, ceiling tiles, cardboard, sheetrock, and wood, can act as a breeding place for mold. It takes only 48 hours for mold spores to start growing. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of these organic materials, but you can control the moisture in your house or office.

Conditions Favoring Mold Growth

Essential conditions necessary for mold growth are adequate temperature, moisture, and organic material in which mold will extract nutrients to facilitate its growth. Consequently, air conditioning systems offer favorable environments for mold growth.

Once mold invades your AC system, you will notice a moldy or musty odor. However, mold growth will be dormant if you change the above conditions. It would be best if you physically remove them.

Common Signs of Mold Growth

The presence of mold growth in your AC system will cause allergy symptoms. You may sneeze more often, have itchy eyes, and have a congested nose. In addition, your air conditioner will have moisture on its metal surfaces.

To confirm if your AC has mold, you need to inspect it thoroughly. Check the coil and fan. You can also call a professional from Home Comfort Solutions to test and confirm mold presence.

Reasons for Mold Growth

A leakage in the cold AC air duct supply is one of the primary causes of mold growth. The cold air causes moisture condensation, which then leads to mold growth.

An improperly fitted AC cabinet, filter, or unsealed duct connections can lead to mold in AC systems. The outdoor air will get into your AC system if your AC is in an unconditioned and damp indoor space. The condition will increase cooling energy usage, loading of dust filtration, and recirculation of mold spores.

The poorly insulated refrigerant line is another leading cause of mold in AC systems. Ensure your lines are of the right thickness and are continuous. Seal your joints well to prevent cold pipe surfaces, which can serve as moisture accumulation sites, encouraging mold growth.

Improper installation of drainage pipes: Clean and keep inspecting your drainage system to keep them clog-free. Failure to do so could lead to spillage and backup, creating a conducive site for mold growth.

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