Moore summers can be extremely hot. If your air conditioner stops working, you may want to try and fix it yourself so that you don’t have to wait for another second to find relief from the heat. Before you go pulling out your toolbox, though, you need to ask yourself if fixing your own air conditioner is a practical solution. Keep reading to see if fixing an air conditioner is a task that’s friendly for the average do-it-yourselfer.

A Complicated Machine

Your air conditioner is a complicated machine that’s made up of multiple components. Many of these components use large amounts of electricity and need to be properly shut down before they can be serviced. If you don’t follow the proper order to shut these components down, you could easily damage the equipment or electrocute yourself. Furthermore, since every one of an air conditioner’s components is interconnected, you could easily damage components that are perfectly fine if you try to service your air conditioner yourself.

Precise Measurements

One common problem with air conditioners is an issue with the system’s refrigerant line. This metal tube carries refrigerant that changes between a liquid and a gas as it removes heat energy from your home. The amount of refrigerant in an air conditioner must be tightly controlled so that the system can work correctly. These measurements need to be taken with equipment that only professional HVAC technicians like those at Home Comfort Solutions have access to. If you tried to add refrigerant yourself, you’d likely end up adding the wrong amount of refrigerant, which could cause your air conditioner to malfunction.

The One Piece of Do-it-Yourself Maintenance

While there are many maintenance and repair items on an air conditioner that you shouldn’t do yourself, there is one maintenance item that is easy to do yourself. Checking your air conditioner’s air filter once a month and replacing it when it’s dirty is an easy and essential part of air conditioner maintenance. Without a clean filter, your air conditioner can’t run efficiently.

We’re Here for You

When you’re faced with an air conditioner problem that you can’t fix yourself, we are here for you. We provide air conditioner repair, furnace maintenance, indoor air quality testing, commercial HVAC services, and much more. We’ve served this community with pride for over five years, exceeding our customers’ expectations along the way. That’s a big reason why we continually receive five-star reviews. To learn more about air conditioner repair options, contact us at Home Comfort Solutions today.

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