Updated January 22, 2024

Most homes are equipped with a furnace, it’s responsible for regulating the temperature inside of your home. You’ll likely need to perform some routine maintenance from time to time but you might also find yourself needing a furnace repair company to get the job done.

You may need to call in the experts if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • You’re regularly increasing the thermostat
  • You have experienced an increase in utility costs
  • You notice loud and rapid cycling coming from your furnace

Choosing the right furnace repair company is half the battle. Make sure the one you hire:

  • Is a licensed HVAC company with the required experience
  • Has references and referrals
  • Will give you a free estimate
  • Has spare parts on-hand

Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repaired

During the colder months in Moore, you rely on your home’s furnace to keep you warm and comfortable. It’s important to know what to look for in case your furnace malfunctions in the dead of winter. Check out this list to see if you should call in a furnace repair company.

1. Difficulty Starting the Unit

Your furnace should start without pause when you turn it on. Sometimes with older furnaces, you might experience a delay or the need to turn it on and off multiple times. This kind of functionality problem often comes from damaged thermostats or disconnected wiring. In this instance, you should reach out to a local furnace repair company to come and take a look because this isn’t something that you can resolve without training.

2. Pilot Light Discoloration

Your furnace might have a pilot light, which is used to ignite the burner inside your furnace. If you notice that yours is blue in color it could mean your furnace has a ventilation issue. This change in color happens when carbon monoxide fails to dissipate the way that it should. This is especially dangerous because of the opportunity for carbon monoxide to flow through your house and the added combustion to the furnace. This is a serious indicator that your furnace needs immediate attention from a furnace repair professional.

3. Not Enough Heat

The most palpable sign that your furnace might need repair is when it doesn’t produce enough heat. If your furnace is producing little heat regardless of its thermostat settings then you should find a professional to assess the situation. Leaky ductwork is one of the most common reasons for inadequate furnace heat. Leaky ductwork will make the treated air escape which causes the thermostat to incorrectly communicate with the furnace.

4. Loud Noises

It’s normal for a furnace to make some noise but a loud and persistent sound coming from your unit is a sign that it needs attention. If you hear a whistling or squealing noise, it may be coming from the system’s fan belt which happens when it becomes loose. If you hear a banging or groaning sound, there’s a good chance that it’s coming from a broken or loose internal part of the unit. Because of the intricate way furnaces are designed and manufactured, this issue requires a furnace repair professional.

5. Poor Quality of Air

The quality of your home’s air and your heating system are directly connected. If your furnace isn’t maintained properly, the warm air it emits may carry dust particles and other foreign materials while it circulates inside your home. These particles can cause persistent coughs or even allergic reactions. You can improve the quality of air in your home by replacing your furnace’s filter. In some severe instances, your furnace’s ductwork may need cleaning from a professional furnace repair in Moore, OK.

6. Your Furnace Produces a Bad Smell

There is a significant possibility that your furnace will smell similar to the fuel it uses when you turn it on for the first time in a while. That smell should only last for a short period of time but if you notice that the scent remains in your home as the unit functions, your furnace may have an issue. An unpleasant smell can come from a wide range of issues such as a gas leak or excessive dust inside the filter. To resolve this problem you can hire an HVAC professional to help you.

7. Your Carbon Monoxide Detector is Constantly Aletering

Your furnace is equipped with a carbon monoxide detector which is designed to alert you when a toxic gas is present in your home. If your furnace is alerting you of a carbon monoxide presence you should immediately turn your unit off. After turning the furnace off you should open your windows to ventilate your home. This is an emergency. At this time you should consult a professional HVAC contractor to look into the cause of the alerts.

8. Unusually High Utility Costs

A constant rise in your heating bill is a sign that something might be wrong with your furnace. If your bill is increasing each month but you keep the temperature relatively the same your furnace may be malfunctioning or overworking. You can try taking a look at your energy consumption over the course of a few months and if you see there has been a steady increase which could be an indicator of an issue.

Leave it to the Professionals

When it comes to your furnace you want to be careful. It’s an expensive piece of equipment that requires care and upkeep. Keep these signs in mind during the colder months in Oklahoma and stay vigilant when it comes to the serious implications of a malfunctioning furnace unit.

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