Updated September 2023

Winters are sufficiently cold and summers in Oklahoma are hot enough that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is essential for home comfort year-round. When you need help from an expert, you can save money and avoid frustration and discomfort by hiring the best Moore heating and air company. Many desirable qualities in a Moore HVAC contractor can provide the assurance you’re making the right hire. Other traits should be avoided. On both sides of the coin, there are things you would do well to consider when hiring an HVAC contractor.

Four Moore HVAC Contractor Issues to Avoid

Bad experiences with service contractors are sad realities experienced by homeowners every day. When you don’t hire the right people, you may face a range of negative consequences. There are four primary types of problematic issues that you can avoid by choosing one of the best HVAC contractors in Moore, OK. The issues involve cost, work quality, HVAC personnel behaviors, and drastic action taken by an HVAC system manufacturer.

Costs or Money-Related Issues

HVAC contractors often use order forms with specific legal terminology that puts the homeowner at risk but protects them. This issue applies, in particular, to companies that are not licensed and insured. Homeowners pay upfront money for a job that is never completed, and they never get a refund. Even if disreputable companies install a system, the equipment or workmanship may be subpar. However, due to the legal jargon in the order form homeowners sign, the company is protected and the homeowner doesn’t get their money back. To avoid the cost and money-related problems with heating and cooling contractors never hire a company that:

  • Requires upfront payment;
  • Is not licensed, bonded, and insured; or
  • Has order forms with a large section of “fine print.”

Workmanship and Performance of Equipment

The best Moore heating and air contractors ensure that every technician receives extensive training. The cost of appropriate training exceeds $12,000 for each HVAC technician, and training continues monthly so that quality standards are maintained. Experience is also essential. Before a technician is allowed to work in a home solo, they should have a minimum of three years of experience. Also, the best HVAC contractors keep a parts warehouse that makes it easier to fix heating and cooling problems quickly. When you end up with an insufficiently trained contractor who lacks experience, a number of outcomes commonly occur. The needed repair is left unfixed, making repairs take far too long, or new equipment seriously underperforms. When a company doesn’t have quick access to parts, getting the job completed can be delayed or neglected altogether.

Behavior of an HVAC Employee

Being careful about who you allow into your home is among the reasons to do a complete check on the HVAC company you hire. In the HVAC industry, the following statistical reality makes it especially important to vet your heating and cooling contractor: Heating repair and cooling service is the trade taught more than any other in prisons, with the exception of plumbing. More than half of all HVAC contractors learned their trade while serving time in prison. Common industry complaints related to heating and cooling technicians include:

  • The use of profanity when working at a residence
  • Inappropriate dress
  • Poor hygiene
  • Leaving a mess behind in the home
  • Causing homeowners to feel uncomfortable

A Lien Against Your Home

A highly alarming consequence many homeowners have experienced as a result of hiring the wrong HVAC contractor is having a lien placed on their home by the manufacturer of HVAC equipment installed. If a contractor installs HVAC equipment they never pay for, the manufacturer has a legal right to place a lien against the home where it was installed in order to receive payment. This puts homeowners in the position of paying for their HVAC system twice!

Groundwork for Identifying the Best Moore Heating and Air Contractors

You can lay some basic groundwork in choosing a reputable HVAC contractor in Moore, OK. Finding companies with certain qualities will get you on the right track and allow you to narrow down your options from a solid field of professionals. Start by verifying that the following is true of the HVAC company:

  • The company is licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Ask for proof that there has been a background check and drug testing on every employee.
  • Ask for proof of training of each HVAC technician.
  • Verify that a satisfaction guarantee is offered in writing and fully protects you.

Top Three Tips to Consider When Choosing a Contractor

HVAC services go back more than a century, and many insights on contractor services have been gained through the decades. Modern technology is a factor in choosing the best heating and cooling experts. The following are three pieces of advice to especially keeping in mind when hiring an HVAC contractor:

  • Go by the best value and not by the lowest price.
  • Choose an HVAC contractor with a solid history of good reviews.
  • Narrow down your top choice from among companies that provide an at-home consultation before quoting you a price.

Things to Check Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Many helpful HVAC contractor hiring tips and checklists are available that can equip you to feel confident and ask the right questions when speaking with a contractor about HVAC services. The following are some things you can look for in a heating and cooling company that can build confidence or steer you in a different direction:

  • The contractor provides a list of references or customers willing to give you a referral.
  • The HVAC contractors’ vehicles should be clearly marked and in good condition.
  • There is a physical address for the company.
  • The contractor service has been in business in the area for at least five years.
  • They carry and work with high-quality, trusted brands of HVAC equipment.
  • The company has memberships in professional associations.
  • The contractor discusses and reviews load calculation with you to ensure that an HVAC unit of the correct size is installed.
  • A clearly written, detailed formal contract is provided–the terms and conditions should be carefully reviewed before signing.

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