Protect Your Investment: Enroll in Our Maintenance Plan Today

Join Our Comfort Club for Just $195/Year and Get:

  • Priority Same-Day Service
  • 10% Off On Every Service Invoice
  • A System Health Report After Each Maintenance Visit
  • All Service Call Fees Waived
  • Reduced Energy Bills by Keeping Your System Tuned-Up

Plus, your Home Comfort Solutions Club Membership also includes our Technicals Performance Tune-up twice a year. Keep your system in perfect condition to save energy and on future repair costs. Our Technicals Performance Tune-up includes:

Services Spring Fall
Test & check safety controls Checkmark Checkmark
Clean filters Checkmark Checkmark
Test voltage of motors Checkmark Checkmark
Test AMP draws on motors Checkmark Checkmark
Lubricate necessary moving parts Checkmark Checkmark
Calibrate thermostat Checkmark Checkmark
Check for proper airflow Checkmark Checkmark
Clean and check condensing coil Checkmark
Test operating pressures Checkmark
Test starting capabilities Checkmark
Check expansion valve Checkmark
Check evaporator coil, if accessible Checkmark
Clean condensate drain Checkmark
Test & adjust blower components Checkmark
Carbon Monoxide Test Checkmark
Burner Check and Clean Checkmark

Our Comfort Club is $195 for the first unit and $85 for each additional. (for example, 2 units cost $280).

Features and Benefits


  • Two maintenance checks per year
  • Free service calls
  • Expert evaluation and cleaning of your system
  • Improved operation
  • Potentially lower utility bills
  • Less likely system outage


  • Increase the lifespan of your system
  • Cleaner system, cleaner air
  • Competitive pricing for plans
  • Peace of mind
  • System reliability
  • Expert evaluation

Don’t Let Your System Break Down

Your HVAC system is likely your home’s most expensive system. Just like you would not drive your car without ever checking the tires or getting an oil change, do not neglect proper maintenance on your HVAC system. With proper maintenance, your system will last longer and cost less to operate. The Home Comfort Solutions Club maintenance plan includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of your system. As a member of The Home Comfort Club, you will receive two regular checks of your system, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Furthermore, you will receive free service calls throughout the year. During your checks, our team will clean and inspect your system, show you anything that was found, and answer any questions you may have. Catching problems before they cause an outage will save you time, money, and headache. With Home Comfort Solutions, our mission is your comfort!

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