Updated January 22, 2024

What really makes a house a home? Is it the hand-picked decorations? The layout of your rooms? The breathtaking view you can see from your window? Perhaps it’s a heating system that brings you warmth during the cold season?

Your home should be your solace, the place you turn to for comfort. As you may know, sometimes unexpected things happen, and you may need to replace your furnace. If this happens in the dead of winter, you’ll really find yourself searching for a heating repair company quickly.

Heating System Issues

A good heating system is often taken for granted. HVAC systems provide convenience and comfort to homeowners, especially during the cooler months here in Moore, Oklahoma. Making sure your system stays in optimal working order is essential. Take a look at the following reasons you may experience a heating system failure.

Poor Maintenance

If you are a homeowner, you need to be hands-on. Just like Peter Parker said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” That quote applies to homeowners too! Don’t forget to schedule a monthly or annual home inspection. You can do this by making sure your heating and cooling system is working correctly. Change filters, check wiring and coolant levels and make sure there are no leaks surrounding the furnace. These little things can save you a ton of money in the long run.

Dirty Filters

Having dust and debris collected on your filter may cause a real mess within your heater. This is a problem year-round. Summers in Moore reach very high temperatures, which can inadvertently put stress on your heating system. If filters are not properly changed and dust is sucked into the system on a regular basis it will be covered in a layer of the residue by the time winter comes around. This is not only detrimental to the system but a fire hazard as well. To prevent this from happening, make sure to inspect filters and registers regularly.

Air Circulation Issues

In some cases, the circulation of air can be compromised. And when that happens, the heating system may overheat. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, including blocked registers or vents, leaky ducts, dirty coils, and clogged filters. Most of these issues can be handled by the homeowner. When in doubt, you can schedule an appointment with Home Comfort Solutions to take a look.

Mold Infestation

Mold is considered a home invader, especially for residents in Oklahoma. Mold occurs when there is high condensation and poor insulation surrounding your heater ducts. The colder and wetter it gets, the better the chance of having mold spores attack your home and family. The first sign of mold infestation is a distinct odor and eventually, you’ll notice the poor performance of your appliance. If you suspect mold, it’s best to call in professionals to handle the problem.

Leaky Ductwork

Leakage happens when your ducts are somehow punctured or not sealed properly. Among the mentioned issues, this one is the costliest of them all. Leaking ducts are a disaster waiting to happen.
So, how would you know if there’s a leak? Leaky ducts cause rooms to have different indoor temperatures. Also, having excessive amounts of dust and dirt in your home is a sign. If you suspect a leak, call a heating repair professional to take a look at your ductwork and ensure its stability.

No Fuel

This is an issue for heating systems that run off natural gas or propane. The no-fuel factor may trigger a lot of disturbances within your household. This can cause the malfunction of your appliances and nasty odors. Also, there’s a possibility of having fumes and colder air released into the atmosphere. If you determine you have a fuel-related problem, call a professional HVAC contractor to service your furnace. Do not attempt to resolve the issue on your own.

Ignition Control Failures

It can be a messy situation if you encounter problems within the heater’s ignition system. First things first, you should always check your gas and air supply. If either of those are obstructed it could prevent lighting. Otherwise, it is most likely a malfunction of the pilot light or electric ignition.
One should really exercise caution when troubleshooting fuel-related problems unless you have experience with furnace heating systems. When these issues arise, we suggest calling the repair experts as soon as you can.

Home Repair Solutions

Don’t be left out in the cold with your furnace! Now that you have an idea of what complications can arise within your heating system. Here is what you can do to try to avoid heating system issues:

Clean Your HVAC System

Clean your vents and supply registers by vacuuming or brushing loose debris, then rinse with mild soap and water at least twice a year, or as needed. For ductwork, cooling coils, or heat exchangers call in professionals to clean your furnace the right way. They have specific tools and cleaners and can take apart your system safely to ensure it continues to work properly.

Inspect Your HVAC System

Inspecting your furnace occasionally can help detect issues before they become complete disasters. Look for leaks, strong odors, or anything that looks unusual. If there is anything you are unsure about call Home Comfort Solutions to take a look promptly.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Make sure you are maintaining your appliances in the sense that you are keeping up with minor repairs, changing the filters, and ensuring the proper usage. Check your furnace guides for optimal care and be sure you’re following up with any issues.

Call the Experts

Schedule a routine maintenance heating and cooling system check once a year. It is best to do this is at least one month before your local temperatures begin to drop. During this appointment, your HVAC technician will check over the entire system to make sure it’s running efficiently and clean critical ignition parts. This is the easiest way to catch small problems and repair them before they become much bigger and more costly repairs.

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