HVAC experts generally recommend that you schedule yearly furnace maintenance in Moore, OK. Even if your unit is brand new, you shouldn’t let the first year go by without a tune-up. The benefits of maintenance are many and include potentially lengthening the lifespan of your system. For gas furnaces, that maximum can be around 15 years, and for oil and electric furnaces, it can range between 20 and 25 years.

Preventing Furnace Trouble

It’s not enough to change your air filter once in a while and replace the batteries in your thermostat. A professional must check the inside of a furnace because many issues may lurk there. However, problems may not have a noticeable impact on heating or your monthly bill.

Since maintenance can address common issues before they progress and become noticeable, you avoid major trouble like overheating, breakdowns, and gas leaks. Such preventative measures extend the system’s lifespan.

Issues That Wear Out Furnaces

You can expect maintenance to reduce dirt and dust buildup in your furnace. This is important to your furnace’s longevity because such debris creates an insulating layer over the motor and other components. This can result in excessive heat and improper airflow, which can destroy mechanical parts.

Other issues that tune-ups can pinpoint are leaks. In this case, gas can leak in the heat exchangers and the ductwork. Both will lead to inefficient performance and even the release of carbon monoxide into your home.

Testing for Efficient Performance

Tune-ups cover a range of tests. This includes an assessment of a prompt start-up and sufficient airflow. A maintenance technician may check to see if every room of a home gets warm at the same time. By ensuring efficient performance, you can put off a system replacement for quite a while.

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