Updated August 2023

It’s not impossible to get air conditioning for a home that doesn’t have ductwork. In fact, the option that’s open to you may save you more money in the long run than any central AC system would. The ductless heat pump, or mini-split, will be your go-to source for cooling.

Introducing the Ductless Heat Pump

A heat pump generates cool air simply by removing heat from your living space, cooling it, and returning it to the room. There are three main components: the indoor air handler, outdoor compressor, and refrigerant line. The differences with a mini-split are that there are no ducts, the air handler and refrigerant line are smaller, and each air handler cools one room.

Installing a mini-split is easy, and a centrally located spot high on a wall is an ideal location for the air handler. You could even hang this device from the ceiling. Your compressor can support up to eight air handlers, making it possible to cool every room in your home.

Multi-Zone Cooling and Other Benefits

A remote accompanies every thermostat, letting each occupant set the ideal temperature. Besides that, you can shut off the air handler in unoccupied rooms to cut down on unnecessary energy use. Best of all, though, a mini-split doesn’t lose any of your cool air, as would otherwise happen if the air had to pass through ducts. The energy savings you achieve can be tremendous.

Yet another benefit is the mini-split’s ability to adjust its speed and blowing capacity. Rather than cycling two or three times an hour and wearing the motor out with every start-up, a mini-split can run almost continuously. Since it’s quiet, it will be unobtrusive.

Installation for a Fair Price

You can entrust your mini-split installation in Moore, OK, to the highly trained technicians at Home Comfort Solutions, where you’ll get fair pricing, detail-oriented work, and durable results. You can also rely on us for HVAC repairs and tune-ups, indoor air quality services, and HVAC work for newly constructed buildings. To schedule an appointment, call today!

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