If you want your home’s air conditioning system to provide optimal comfort and efficiency, you need to hire the best contractor you can find. Use this guide to help you choose a reputable AC repair company in Moore.

Verify Licensure and Insurance

Always verify a contractor’s license and insurance. The contractor’s ability to undertake HVAC work depends on the validity of these documents. Without proper licensure, it means the contractor doesn’t have the skills and expertise necessary to perform AC repairs, or the contractor has had their licensure revoked for one reason or another.

You can use the following sources to verify a contractor’s license:

  • State licensing boards
  • The contactor’s insurance carrier
  • Municipal or county governments

Always verify that the contractor has enough insurance in case your house gets damaged while they are working on your air conditioner.

Choose a Contractor With Many Years of Experience

Find out how many years of experience the contractor has working with HVAC systems. A proven history of success is indicative of skill and dependability. You should inquire as to their level of experience with the make and model of air conditioning system you have.

Get Everything in Writing

Never choose a contractor that doesn’t provide you with a written contract. Getting everything in writing is key to receiving compensation in the event something goes wrong. Before signing a contract, read it several times, taking special note of the following:

  • Extent of the work
  • Covered expenses
  • Expected completion date
  • Assurances and warranties

At Home Comfort Solutions, we make AC repairs simple with easy-to-understand contracts that fully protect you in the event of any problems. We also offer heating installation and repair services, along with commercial HVAC services and maintenance plans. Want to learn morn about us? Read here!

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